Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Etiquette

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Etiquette?


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Etiquette

As with each Martial Arts, there are a set of rules that one should follow to have the best experience. Many of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu etiquette rules and policies originate from Judo. Although BJJ is not as strict as Judo, it still encourages the basics to maintain respect and safety in the Dojo. In general, these rules have been set in place so that the environment remains respectful, comfortable and open.

Follow these etiquette rules when training BJJ

  • No Outside Shoes on the Mat!
  • By keeping our gym as clean and safe as possible, we can keep everybody healthy and bug-free!
  • Always wear a Clean Gi!
    The absolute maximum times that a Gi can be worn before washing is two. Besides, nobody likes a smelly gi!
  • Always address black belt instructors as ” Sensei ” and other belt levels as ” Instructor “
  • Unless told otherwise, addressing the instructors with these titles signify respect and obedience. Respectful students will always be taught with the most attention.
  • Do not talk or be disruptive when the instructor is talking (teaching)
  • Always maintain maximum attention on the instructions for the best training and learning.
  • Have respect for the other students, especially the more senior students!
  • The other students in the Dojo are more than just peers.
    They are also your training partners. By disrespecting other students, you are losing training partners who can potentially help you improve exponentially.
  • Don’t bring any ego onto the Mat (or anywhere else for this matter!)
  • Expressing ego on the mats is not only disrespectful, but it is also dangerous.
    Not only would it be a danger to other students but to yourself as well. Examples of expressing ego would be not tapping (submitting) when the situation arises (resisting from locked in submission) or simply going too rough for the sake of “not losing”. All of these situations can be very dangerous.
  • When applying a submission, always give your partner enough time to “tap”
  • Submissions that go too fast or crank are highly disrespectful and very dangerous
  • Absolutely no Leg Locks for white belt students
    With the exception of the straight ankle lock. Everything else is a big no-no. Leg locks are highly prone to injuries, especially when done by individuals without enough experience.

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