Your Kids Martial Arts Journey Can Start Today!

Premier Martial Arts Mission

Kids quickly learn valuable Martial Arts skills in a fun and safe environment!

Develop Premier Skills: >Self Control/Discipline >Self-Confidence >Self Defense >Concentration >Focus >Determination >Teamwork...and much more



Our Complete Kids Martial Arts Program teaches the Values, the Philosophies and the Fundamentals of Karate, Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing, Weapons Training and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.                         

Children of all sizes will develop as True Martial Artists becoming Black Belts from the Inside Out using our proven unique Complete Kids Martial Arts Program.

Not only will children learn how to Effectively Defend Themselves, but they will also learn how to Achieve their Goals in life.

Leadership qualities including Respect, Confidence, Discipline, Positivity, Team Work, Self Esteem, The wisdom of taking the right decision, The Courage to say No to drugs and to stand up for themselves and love ones are just the pick of the iceberg of what our Complete Kids Martial Arts Program has to offer.

Our qualified World Class Instructors are dedicated to teaching your Children the Path of Success in a Fun, Healthy and Active Environment.

Our goal is to prepare the youth to be future leaders who will take responsible decisions for the future of our society.

Your child will become a Black Belt in Life in very short time.

Also, when the time comes your child will achieve another Two International recognized Black Belts at the same time.

  • Premier Martial Arts Black Belt recognized by Premier Martial Arts International
  • Karate Black Belt recognized by World Karate Federation

Starting with Brown Belt as a bonus in our Complete Kids Martial Arts Program we introduce in our curriculum a unique Anti –Kidnapping / Anti-Bullying KIDS SELF DEFENCE system (part of the official Krav Maga Force Kids Defence Tactics).

We are the only Martial Arts school in BC officially allowed to use the Kids Krav Maga Force program.

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Simple Directions to Find us below:

Easiest Route is From Steveston Hwy. Turn onto Coppersmith Pl. Go Straight.Pass Stop Sign. Drive right into our Parking Lot.Then turn Right & Look for Premier MMA Sign Unit #24