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Filipino Kali Martial Arts





The Origins of Filipino Kali Martial Arts


Filipino Kali is also referred to as Eskrima and Arnis and is the national martial arts of the Philippines. The origins and Kali, an ancient art, has a long history dating back to at least the 5th century…Practiced throughout Philippine Archipelago, many stories of great warriors developed their training skills residing deep in the jungles or high on the mountains honing their skills and mastering this ancient art form.

Kali Martial Arts Was Practiced in Secret


The Filipino people saw Kali training as their major protection against foreign threats and the martial art of Kali was practiced in secret. Now in somewhat more peaceful times, the migration of Kali Masters immigrating to United States after World War 2 and the tireless work and research of Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee`s best friend and student) the veil of secrecy has been lifted from Filipino Kali, revealing  this beautiful and deadly martial art for all who wish to study and learn from it.

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Filipino Kali Concepts at Premier Martial Arts


At Premier Martial Arts, we incorporate Filipino martial arts and training concepts into our Jeet Kune Do (JKD), and MMA programs. With a huge emphasis on self-preservation, students quickly realize the importance of distance and timing and how weapon based training and Filipino Kali training methods help develop the well-needed attributes to have the self-confidence needed in any self-defense situation. Our number one priority is safety and protection making sure everyone can go home to their loved ones.Self-preservation is a valuable skill that can be developed.


We know that our Kali and weapons training programs bring out the best in your physical training and speeds up your development as it turbo charges your already existing attributes. The benefits of Filipino Kali training will quickly become apparent as you improved your speed, accuracy, and agility faster than you had ever imagined possible. Our unique training methods and programs were developed over a 30 year period, so you can be assured of quality instruction.

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