Kids Karate and Martial Arts

Kids Karate class may be the best gift you could offer your child.

kids karate

Kids Karate


Remember when kids used to play outdoors, run, jump and climb trees? Now they sit on the couch and watch TV or play video games. But kids who attend karate classes not only get some much-needed exercise and social interaction, but karate also promotes character building and life skills.

A good kids karate dojo and instructors will not only teach your child karate moves, but will also encourage all the positive life skills including achievement, humility, determination, respect, and the relationship between hard work and reward.

Your child will learn to show respect to the instructor and fellow students in the dojo, often leading to that same respect being shown outside of the karate dojo.

Achievement is important in a good kids karate dojo, from learning a new karate technique or combination, entering a competition or training and achieving the next belt test.

Fun. Kids Karate classes should be fun, visit your local kid’s karate classes and ask if you can observe a class. Classes should encompass all of the above and more. If they do meet your expectations, let your child try a class and encourage them to join.

Positive thinking. Karate involves repetition, learning and accomplishing, all of which promote a positive attitude and mindset, any child can walk away from his or her Karate class with a very positive feeling of gratification. When you reinforce these same traits at home, your young Karate student learns that staying positive, in the face of adversity, will yield many benefits in life.

Stress management. Today’s children are subjected to more stress than we were as children. Karate class is a great place to leave stress behind and focus on repetition and simple tasks. Karate class is time spent living in the moment and enjoying life without worrying about the past or future.

Exercise. Kids Karate classes give children a chance to jump, kick, punch, and shout. A great way to let loose, have fun and exercise at the same time.

Social interaction. Children work together as they learn Karate. They work in pairs, or groups to accomplish a goal. Occasionally the highest (belt) ranking child will lead a demonstration as the Karate teacher or sensei observes or corrects the students.

Focus. Karate students learn to clear their minds and concentrate on one single idea, move or combination. A strong focus is essential in the learning process of any kids martial arts.

Success. Tools for success, learned in Karate class, can be applied toward problems at school, college, and business, leading to success in life.

Kids Karate classes have a positive impact and shape children’s lives following a path of continuous achievement. Karate should be considered an active self-improvement program with many rewards. At Premier MMA we develop black belts from the inside out. Are your kids ready to earn their stripes? Contact us for more details or fill out this form for your kids free class today!