Kids Martial Arts Training Benefits

Why Martial Arts Training for Kids is beneficial!


Parents unfamiliar with martial arts training are often reluctant to enroll their child in martial arts lessons; they mistakenly believe the training to be overly aggressive and combative. Martial arts training actually introduces young students to positive skills like respect, restraint, and self-control and also increases their ability to focus on a task and motor skill.


Here are the top 5 benefits your child will develop by training martial arts:


1.Martial Arts are a great physical activity

Kids karate lessons at premier martial arts

Develop self-confidence and make new friends!


During the course of class there are alternating sessions of a warm-up excercises, instruction followed by practice of moves, karate kicks and drills that require and improve fitness. If your child enjoys class and becomes a willing student, he or she will also practice at home, spending less time on the couch. Your child may also take an interest in eating healthier foods in order to maintain the energy level necessary for advanced kicks and drills.

2.Martial Arts provide individual achievement


Children who do not do well in a team sports setting, often excel at martial arts. They learn that excellence is rewarded with praise and recognition and the belt system used by most martial arts to recognize movement from one skill level to the next. This reward system motivates your child to listen and learn, practice and do well in order to attain that next stripe or belt. Martial art training provides a safe environment and is overall safer than many organized sports including hockey, football, baseball, and soccer.


3.Kids Develop Self-discipline with Martial Arts


Focus and at least a minimal level of self-discipline are required to succeed and progress in martial arts. As a parent, you may have a difficult time getting your child’s attention; the instructor will not have that problem. Your child may carry that spirit of cooperation and self-discipline at home. Focus and attention are an important part of the learning and developmental process of learning martial arts. Kids must focus and listen attentively to learn new training techniques and combinations.


4.Martial Arts Develops Self-confidence


Self-confidence is important to children. It shows in the positive way they present themselves at home and school. Martial arts will provide the skills and confidence in those skills and themselves in their ability to answer questions or complete tasks and new challenges.


5.Self-defense is the Foundation of Martial Arts


Your child will learn and practice real-world self-defense skills. Karate, Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are fun ways to learn skills that would be useful to fend off an attacker, a bully or an intended abductor. Many schools practice and train in role play scenarios simulating potentially threatening scenarios and how to recognize possible threats. The purpose of this role play is to learn basic yet effective ways to escape these dangerous situations. Simple self-defence moves learned and practiced in martial arts class may provide parents some peace of mind. Preparation and awareness are essential elements of self-defence and are best developed at an early age.


Martial arts classes for kids provide a very real positive impact on fitness, self-confidence, and discipline, combined with the ability to defend themselves and others if necessary. We always encourage self-defence and never promote aggressive behavior in any situations at Premier Martial Arts. Knowing how to respond to various situations is important at any age.

Bring your kids to our next martial arts class and see their excitement. We offer a free trial to new students, claim your FREE CLASS by filling out this form. We look forward to meeting you and your children.