Filipino Kali Martial Arts

Have you ever encountered somebody who threatened you with a weapon?

Maybe somebody you love was threatened with a weapon?Filipino Kali

You can learn how to equalize that type of situation with Filipino Kali Martial Arts.

Premier Martial Arts teaches Filipino Kali from the very start because we know that weapons training brings out the best in your physical attributes and teaches you how to develop sensitivity to a variety of fighting ranges.

If that isn’t enough for you, you’ll find that after dealing with a stick flying at you at about 80 mph, a punch or kick is slow and much easier to deal with.

What benefits can you experience from Filipino Martial Arts such as Kali and Escrima?

You can expect to learn how to properly assess real-life situations, faster reflexes, and not to mention learning how to use weapons as if they were a part of your own body

Now that you know what Premier Martial Arts offers, are you ready to take action? I’m glad to hear it!

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