Open Mat Every Saturday

Premier Martial Arts offers its open mat every week on Saturday afternoons- check our online  Schedule for times.  This is always a good time to practice the techniques taught throughout the week. Drill solo or with a partner, you have the freedom to create your own training schedule. Stick to  BJJ, Kickboxing, weapons training or all of the above and some… the dojo is always a safe environment to improve your newly acquired skills ranging from the various martial arts you are learning and developing.

The weekly classes are for learning various techniques, and open mat is the perfect time where you can put them into practice.  When you spend your open mat time productively you will see a marked improvement in your martial arts skills. Your can never practice too much, Bruce Lee was a great example of this, we are big fans of his at Premier Martial Arts and try and

bruce lee quoteimplement his philosophies in our training regime. His countless quotes all have deep meaning and this one applies directly to our open mat training sessions:



Come with a specific workout in mind or be prepared to cross train with your teammates. We are always cross-training at Premier Martial Arts! You will find students kickboxing on the heavy bags, knife sparring or circuit training or maybe rolling the mats with some friendly rounds of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Maybe you’ll get a good cardio workout on the heavy bag, maybe you’ll do a slow roll, or maybe you’ll just practice some technique.  Either way, make sure to have fun practicing techniques you want and ask each other questions while helping each other learn.

Open mats are usually one hour in duration but training usually lasts until everyone is exhausted and has had enough. Get your last training session taking a break for the weekend!

Non-members contact Trevor at 604.278.6663.